Success is liking everything about who you are

Liking yourself isn’t easy in a materialistic world. It is possible though! Enjoy the little things about yourself, the way you laugh, and the way you think. You are unique! Time to appreciate what you were given and use it to the best of your advantage!


I recently faced a moment in life where I did not like myself very much. I was very upset with myself for many reasons, and I can officially say I am learning to love myself again. There is so many things I love that make me unique, that I know it is possible for everyone to do.

Look deep within and tell yourself 5 reasons you are beautiful right now.

Each day work on this exercise and you will eventually start automatically telling yourself these positive things!

Love yourself!

Stay beautiful!


Go out and find your success – The destination

To be successful, you must be focused on the success, and go out and get it. It takes hard work, long hours, and patience to be successful. It will not come to you, you must go out and find it yourself. Many people give up on being successful because of not wanting to go find it, and we need to be motivated to be successful in our daily endeavors!

Go ahead, get out there! Go find your success!

Just don’t forget about the little people after you’ve made it big! 😉

Stay beautiful!


Hello from a Sunday Evening!

Good Evening everyone!

Just wanted to say we have been very excited to talk about our Launch Party yesterday!

The party was a success, we had a great amount of support from our friends and followers!

We had sections for our $5 jewelry, Trend blends which are 5 pieces for $20, Starlet Shimmer pieces, and our 3 for $10 section with matching pieces of bracelets and necklaces and earrings.

We loved sharing our flower arrangements and Ocean paintings, we will be posting pictures throughout the week.



Thank you everyone for your support!

Stay amazing!

Hope everyone has a blessed night!


The clock doesn’t stop, why should you!?

Be like the clock, just keep going and going and going.

No use watching the clock! It will just leave you sitting there bored.

Get out there and change the world, make a difference, at least do something out of your comfort zone.

Be like the clock, keep going.


Morning Ritual

We all have them, our normal morning rituals.

Here at Graces Treasure Chest this is a peak into our morning before writing on the blog and Facebook.


To be able to write properly, coffee helps wake my brain up. And quickly!

Gotta have the whip cream!

We would love to hear what your morning rituals are!


Feel free to share with us what you do to get the morning started!