Blessings in life, and how to appreciate them.

I may not have everything I want in life, but I am blessed enough to have all that I need. This statement is so true, it rings in the appreciation for life, and what it maintains for me.

When thinking of things you appreciate, you start to understand how life is what it is, and how to work with what you have. Happiness comes from within, and there will always be someone who has more than you, it is part of life. If you sit back and appreciate what you were given, you start to see the world in a different light. The little things become guiding forces in your freedom of life and how you manage the ups and downs.

Tell yourself why you love yourself, tell yourself what you love in your life, and tell yourself that it isn’t so bad after all.

Take care all, hope you have a wonderful day!



Write it on your heart

Write it on your heart, sing it loud for all to hear!

This is the best day of the year!

You have the possibility to make each day your best day!

Some days, just aren’t for you, and we all have bad days, but a regular ordinary day can be the best day if you make it!

Believe in the extraordinary!

Believe in yourself beautiful!


The places you never thought you’d be

This is very true. When going through tough times you come out stronger and in a new direction.

Recently, for me, I was faced with some challenging life choices that resulted in my life being the toughest it ever had been. I have come out stronger and ready to face the world once again. Nothing can stop me now that I am trekking along this path of life!

I before did not see the quality of life and the happiness of life, and now I realize what it means to live!

Get out there and make your life the best it can be!



August has a gorgeous birthday flower!


I love the symbolism of this flower. The success driven, intellectual is described in this showcasing of this flower. Definitely love the idea that August babies are enthusiastic and have a charming nature.

So true!

This is birthday month for the owner of Graces Treasure Chest!

Lets all make her feel special with some birthday wishes!

Stay beautiful!

Smiles for miles, for the trials

Figuring out what you want in life is difficult!

It is hard to know what you want to be, how to get there, and what is possible!

Always believe in yourself, for the trials and errors are crucial!

You will get where you’re going if you keep taking the steps necessary to get there!

I believe you have the power and strength to get through whatever you are going through if you keep focused and positive!

We can do it!

If we tell ourselves this everyday we get closer to succeeding in our goals!

Take care all!




Strength and Success

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.


Recently, about 6 months ago I was in the worst depression of my life.

It is not easy sharing such a thing, but it is true. I would not even want to get out of bed. I would sleep as long as I could and leave myself 15 minutes to get ready for the day. That resulted in not being ready for the day and the day being unprepared for left a mess behind. Each day kept snowballing bigger and bigger on me.

The truth behind it all, was my anxiety and my worry.

I was worried I wasn’t enough, wasn’t ever going to be enough, could not reach my goals, would never have enough money to get back on top of finances, etc.

EVERY little worry in the worried succumbed me to a dark hole of thoughts and emotion.

Instead of working harder I worked less. I cared less. I even became something I never thought I would be.

I should have worked through the emotion as I went through it, but instead I harbored the feelings inside me, didn’t tell anyone what I was thinking, and became alone and silent.

This hurt me more.

Please, if you are experiencing this in your life, DONT RUN! Face it! Face it head on and deal with how you feel. Talk about it, learn from it, and work through it.

I wish I had this knowledge then, as now I am so much stronger. I hit the bottom, faced my issues and became so strong.

Now, I wake up and get right up. Drink my coffee, and face the day with positivity.

I have a special family in my life to thank for this. They pulled me out of this depression when I left home for my troubles.

They helped me heal by giving patience, hope, and strength. I am so thankful to have a support group such as them, I do not know how I will ever be able to repay them.

All in all, push the worries away. They only will break you down. Break away from toxic people, they have no purpose in your life but to push you down. Love every piece of your life, it is important. Love yourself, as you are. But keep getting better. Be the best you possible.

This blog also helps, I am able to have a channel to express myself, and that is amazing. You all are so supportive and kind with your words!

If there is anything in your life that is not going how it should, reassess, breathe, and move forward into the day. You can do it! I believe in you! If I was able to do it, you can too.

Hope these words helped anyone who is experiencing such troubles.

Take care beautiful souls. ❤



Its Monday again, isn’t it?

I love this picture. Made me smile on my not so easy Monday morning. Slept past my alarm, kind of thinking it was my phones fault. The reason for that is the nice amount of sleep I got after a nice hike yesterday and game night!

All in all, I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your day.

Stay beautiful, and try not to get a case of the Mondays. 😉