Featured items of the day! Red beauties just in time for Fall!

Hello there!

Today we are showcasing our collection with the red toned theme!

Each piece is beautiful for any occasion and ships right to you!

Each piece is only $5.00 plus t&s, and is lead and nickel free!

Comment below if you are interested in any of these pieces or all of them!

Take care and stay beautiful!


Featured items of the day! Ruby red jewelry to dazzle any outing!

Here we have some beautiful red pieces put together to show you how they compliment each other and yourself. Wear them casual with a white tee shirt, or out at night with the perfect little black dress!

Each piece is $5.00 plus t&s, ships in the US!

Lead and nickel free.

If you see one you like type sold and which piece! We will reach out to you from there!

Stay beautiful!


Mirror Flowers – Fresh Art

The focus of being positive and staying optimistic is important for me, and through the journey of it I found a symbolic and acceptable way to find positive in a situation.

So heres the story.

We received a jewelry stand, that spins that has mirrors on them. PERFECT for displaying the collection of earrings! So excited we opened the package to find one of the side mirrors had a tiny crack. My mistake for not taking a before picture, but nonetheless it looked like a stem for a flower. Since the shape was perfect for a flower…being the artist I am covered it with acrylic paint!

I took a negative crack in the mirror, from shipping issues, and turned it into a beautiful piece of art. It truly is the little things that matter. This gave me inspiration and brightened my day seeing my finished work.

Here it is! Hope the story behind it helps the positivity shine through your day.

Stay Beautiful!