Happy Monday! No need for the Monday blues!


Breathing through Mondays shenanigans may be the only way to survive the Monday blues!

Hope wherever you are, and whatever your day holds that it remains peaceful and full of gratitude!

Inhale peace, exhale stress!

Good words to live by!



Featured items of the day! Pink beauties!

Good afternoon!

Today we are showcasing jewelry with pink accents to give your fall fashion a kick of excitement!

These are perfect for any occasion and are $5.00 plus t&s! Comment here if you would like to have one of these beauties shipped to you!

Stay beautiful!

You are strong enough for this life.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it!

You are amazing and each day that passes you grow stronger and stronger.

We all face challenges, and we all go through struggles. Inside and out, the struggles become a challenge to face everyday. The stronger you become and the more you give yourself credit, the farther you will come!

You can do it, no matter the distance, not matter the cost, you can do it!

Always believe in yourself, remember being young and having big dreams!? Now is the time to reach for them!


The master and the beginner

In a venture of your biggest dreams and goals, you must try! If you try you at least have an idea of where you land and what you need to accomplish these goals!

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

This means the master has put in hours and hours reaching for the goal, and that is how they have become a master. The beginner must start trying to get to the point of being a master. You must get back up once you fall off the horse, and ride again.

There is no other way then to keep trying to get to those goals, don’t give up because you aren’t a master at it!

Continue on your path to greatness and succeed in life by trying and giving it your all!

You got this! Believe in yourself and anything is possible! Dream big and work towards those dreams! You can do it!


Theres your motivation for the day! Enjoy! More importantly, stay beautiful!