Going live on Facebook at 8pm PST!

Going live on our Facebook: GracesTChest at 8pm PST!

We are ready to show some hot fall bling to help the transition from summer be smooth and beautiful!

The collection will be $5.00 plus t&s pieces and we will ship it right to you!

Must be in the US for shipping, come check out our collection!

Hope to see you there!


Tonights Facebook live free jewelry giveaway!

Hey there!

Tonight at 9pmPST on our Facebook we will be going live for a Paparazzi jewelry party!

We are doing Family Feud edition and giving away one free piece of jewelry at the end of the live!

Contestants will answer questions throughout the live and the best answers get put into a hat to be drawn at the end!

The more answers the better chance you have at winning!

We only ship in the US, so must be in the US to play.

Good luck to everyone!

Find us on our Facebook at GracesTChest