Blessings in life, and how to appreciate them.

I may not have everything I want in life, but I am blessed enough to have all that I need. This statement is so true, it rings in the appreciation for life, and what it maintains for me.

When thinking of things you appreciate, you start to understand how life is what it is, and how to work with what you have. Happiness comes from within, and there will always be someone who has more than you, it is part of life. If you sit back and appreciate what you were given, you start to see the world in a different light. The little things become guiding forces in your freedom of life and how you manage the ups and downs.

Tell yourself why you love yourself, tell yourself what you love in your life, and tell yourself that it isn’t so bad after all.

Take care all, hope you have a wonderful day!


Love Yourself

One of the best things we can do is to Love ourselves.  Happiness comes to those that can

look at themselves with an honest eye and still except and appreciate who they are.

All that we have been through has helped to shape who we are today!

We continue to be shaped right up to the day we die.

Learning to love one self allows us to love another openly and deeply. With this ability

comes true happiness.


Stay Beautiful

Drifting with the tides – The ever changing game of life


This is valid on how we evolve over time into who we are. The energy, time, and focus you spend must be efficient to be able to make a positive life.

There is no reason to spend time on toxic situations that are out of your control.

The energy you give to a moment must be substantial to your goals.

AND the focus in your life has to be precise and clear.

It is easier said then done to stay on track and accomplish goals set, but each goal no matter the size is an accomplishment.

We often forget to be proud of the small steps, and look to closely to the big picture.

Learning the process of growth and happiness is a life long journey, which some achieve and some do not.

We can al work towards our goals of all sizes, as long as we remain calm and prepared for all obstacles.

Hope everyone has a blessed night!



The places you never thought you’d be

This is very true. When going through tough times you come out stronger and in a new direction.

Recently, for me, I was faced with some challenging life choices that resulted in my life being the toughest it ever had been. I have come out stronger and ready to face the world once again. Nothing can stop me now that I am trekking along this path of life!

I before did not see the quality of life and the happiness of life, and now I realize what it means to live!

Get out there and make your life the best it can be!