The master and the beginner

In a venture of your biggest dreams and goals, you must try! If you try you at least have an idea of where you land and what you need to accomplish these goals!

The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.

This means the master has put in hours and hours reaching for the goal, and that is how they have become a master. The beginner must start trying to get to the point of being a master. You must get back up once you fall off the horse, and ride again.

There is no other way then to keep trying to get to those goals, don’t give up because you aren’t a master at it!

Continue on your path to greatness and succeed in life by trying and giving it your all!

You got this! Believe in yourself and anything is possible! Dream big and work towards those dreams! You can do it!


Theres your motivation for the day! Enjoy! More importantly, stay beautiful!


One step at a time

Keep taking the steps towards your dreams, one step at a time!

Before you know it you are there!

Each step you take brings you closer to your goals, and your dreams are waiting for you!

Even if they are baby steps, you are still stepping in the right direction!

Take each step with care and confirm to yourself that you will make it to your goal, it is never too far away! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

Take care & stay beautiful!




There is no elevator for success, you have to take the stairs.

The stairs you climb bring you a step closer to your goals and dreams. There is no easy way for it to happen, and it takes time, patience, and perseverance. Being able to reach the top is determined by the hard work put in and the success you are reaching for.

Do not give up on your goal to be at the top of your goals, and when reaching for it keeping pushing on! When you look up and see the stairs above you it can become scary and never ending. There is an ending, it is there, you may not be able to see it. Get back up and try again if you fall off your path. The path is determined by you, and the goals you set are how high you must climb. Keep climbing and stay beautiful! You got this!


Drifting with the tides – The ever changing game of life


This is valid on how we evolve over time into who we are. The energy, time, and focus you spend must be efficient to be able to make a positive life.

There is no reason to spend time on toxic situations that are out of your control.

The energy you give to a moment must be substantial to your goals.

AND the focus in your life has to be precise and clear.

It is easier said then done to stay on track and accomplish goals set, but each goal no matter the size is an accomplishment.

We often forget to be proud of the small steps, and look to closely to the big picture.

Learning the process of growth and happiness is a life long journey, which some achieve and some do not.

We can al work towards our goals of all sizes, as long as we remain calm and prepared for all obstacles.

Hope everyone has a blessed night!