October Facebook contests for free jewelry!

This is our Facebook contest for the month of October!

Make sure you add us on Facebook to be part of the fun!

Sharing is so important to building this business. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to those of you who have already done this for me.

Starting today – every time you share one of my Jewelry Posts or videos you will be entered into a drawing for FREE Jewelry. Every 10 shares I will add another new piece to the Prize. Each Monday I will post an update of shares. Contest runs from 10/1 – 10/31. I am hoping to give away 8 to 10 pieces of jewelry!!!!Winner will be drawn on November 1st.

If you are a Paparazzi consultant I support you, but you are disqualified from this contest. Shipping is only available within the USA.

Thank you

Tonights Facebook live free jewelry giveaway!

Hey there!

Tonight at 9pmPST on our Facebook we will be going live for a Paparazzi jewelry party!

We are doing Family Feud edition and giving away one free piece of jewelry at the end of the live!

Contestants will answer questions throughout the live and the best answers get put into a hat to be drawn at the end!

The more answers the better chance you have at winning!

We only ship in the US, so must be in the US to play.

Good luck to everyone!

Find us on our Facebook at GracesTChest


Facebook live Paparazzi party at 9PM PST tonight! Free bling giveaway!

Join us for Family Feud edition tonight on Facebook live!

We are going live at 9Pm PST to do a Family Feud night!

We are reading questions from the game and whoever answers the correct answer first in the comments gets an entry into the drawing at the end of the live! Every 3 pieces of jewelry we will be asking a new question!

We are displaying 60 pieces from our collection and showing you each one in detail!

It is a ton of fun, make sure you join us for a chance to win a free piece of jewelry from the showing! Your choice!

Add us on Facebook and get ready for some fun!

GracesTChest  !!!