Facebook giveaway drawing! Win a free piece of jewelry!

Hey there!

We are doing promotions in the month of August for all of our followers!

To be entered into our giveaway drawing you must

  1. Be our friend on facebook
  2. Share any jewelry related post
  3. AND tag 2 friends within that post!!


We are extending the date of our giveaway!

You can enter as many times as you’d like! Keep sharing and tagging on different pictures of our jewelry!!

The other promotions is every Thursday we are doing a Family Feud on our live videos, giving away a free piece of jewelry each night!

Good luck!

Comment here and let us know if you are entering and what you think of our giveaways!

Have a good night all!


AUGUST WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!! – Catch some hot summer bling!

Big announcement!!!!!

For the month of August we will be giving away one free piece of jewelry WEEKLY!

We have big plans for the month of August!

For the first week we are going to be doing a Family Feud game, and the winner will get a free piece of jewelry shipped to them!

This is a way to say thank you to all of our followers and supporters!

Make sure you are our friend on Facebook that way you can enter into the weekly games!

We will be doing these during our Facebook live videos on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Stay tuned!

Give us some feedback on games you would like to see!

Take care, and stay beautiful!


Hello from a Sunday Evening!

Good Evening everyone!

Just wanted to say we have been very excited to talk about our Launch Party yesterday!

The party was a success, we had a great amount of support from our friends and followers!

We had sections for our $5 jewelry, Trend blends which are 5 pieces for $20, Starlet Shimmer pieces, and our 3 for $10 section with matching pieces of bracelets and necklaces and earrings.

We loved sharing our flower arrangements and Ocean paintings, we will be posting pictures throughout the week.



Thank you everyone for your support!

Stay amazing!

Hope everyone has a blessed night!


The seeds you plant for the future matter

The idea of reaping what you sow is what you put in you get out. If you judge by what you harvest, you are forgetting the seeds you planted. Remember where you came from and why. Remember why you started your journey. No matter how long your journey has felt, how many times you have wanted to give up, DON’T! Do not give up on yourself or your goals, you planted the seeds, just keep watering them!

Give yourself a pep talk today on how far you’ve come, and what you can do to keep swimming along! You got this, no matter how hard the journey may be, keep striving to keep going. You must be proud of the mountain you have climbed to be able to keep climbing sometimes.

I know live gets rough, we all experience the trials of life, some more than others…but keep pushing no matter the trials. You got this beautiful!


We have reached our goal of 100 followers!

Thank you for all of your followers for supporting our growth! We are going to do our drawing 7/15/18 Sunday for our first 100 followers drawing! The winner will be shipped a free piece of jewelry for the support and being awesome! We appreciate each and everyone of you! Stay tuned for the announcement!