Our launch party was a success!

Last weekend we had a launch party with our family and friends!

It was a definite success!

We had an amazing display of jewelry, flower arrangements, and ocean paintings!

We are so thankful for our amazing support group for coming to see it all!

If you are thinking of selling jewelry in this fashion let us know! We can help you get started! It is so worth it! It is an easy way to make money from home, and have fun at the same time! Selling jewelry is easy because it sells itself! Everyone has their own preference and taste! Definitely get ahold of us if you are interested in becoming a consultant!

Here are the pics from the party before it started!




We apologize if the pictures are a little dark, we will be posting more pics of our office space soon!


Stay tuned for Augusts game on Facebook! Free jewelry giveaway once a week!

We are excited to give out some free jewelry!

Follow us on Facebook for a chance to win! Must be in the US!

Stay beautiful!

Take care!

Hello from a Sunday Evening!

Good Evening everyone!

Just wanted to say we have been very excited to talk about our Launch Party yesterday!

The party was a success, we had a great amount of support from our friends and followers!

We had sections for our $5 jewelry, Trend blends which are 5 pieces for $20, Starlet Shimmer pieces, and our 3 for $10 section with matching pieces of bracelets and necklaces and earrings.

We loved sharing our flower arrangements and Ocean paintings, we will be posting pictures throughout the week.



Thank you everyone for your support!

Stay amazing!

Hope everyone has a blessed night!


We have reached our goal of 100 followers!

Thank you for all of your followers for supporting our growth! We are going to do our drawing 7/15/18 Sunday for our first 100 followers drawing! The winner will be shipped a free piece of jewelry for the support and being awesome! We appreciate each and everyone of you! Stay tuned for the announcement!

Mirror Flowers – Fresh Art

The focus of being positive and staying optimistic is important for me, and through the journey of it I found a symbolic and acceptable way to find positive in a situation.

So heres the story.

We received a jewelry stand, that spins that has mirrors on them. PERFECT for displaying the collection of earrings! So excited we opened the package to find one of the side mirrors had a tiny crack. My mistake for not taking a before picture, but nonetheless it looked like a stem for a flower. Since the shape was perfect for a flower…being the artist I am covered it with acrylic paint!

I took a negative crack in the mirror, from shipping issues, and turned it into a beautiful piece of art. It truly is the little things that matter. This gave me inspiration and brightened my day seeing my finished work.

Here it is! Hope the story behind it helps the positivity shine through your day.

Stay Beautiful!


Beautiful hike to a waterfall – Hidden Gem

I am excited to share a picture with you of a gorgeous waterfall in Southern California! It is rare to see such a beauty in the area, and is definitely a hidden gem in the desert. People hike for a a couple miles to see this 70ft waterfall, and to admire it’s beauty. I have been lucky enough to know this trail for about 7 years, and each time I go it is just as amazing as the first time. Motivation comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. The motivation I received to keep working out and motivating myself to be healthy and live to the fullest, also helps me appreciate nature. Everything around me that day was simple and beautiful, and that is the best kind of motivation for me personally. Met a girl who was picking up trash along the trail with gloves on, she inspired me to pick up some of the trash people had left themselves. It was a good day, with awesome adventures. Looking forward to the next adventure. 🙂

Stay Beautiful!