Are you ready to sparkle this summer?!

These handpicked pieces are one of a kind and only $5.00 plus t&s. They are ready to shine this summer and contain the sparkle you are looking for to dazzle any audience! Enjoy! Stay Beautiful!

Where to store your fashion jewelry – Tips and tricks

When it comes to fashion jewelry, I would prefer to have my pieces out, so that I can see them and choose appropriately for my days attire.

3M makes a clear decorating clip that can be attached to a wall without any damage to the wall. They small, clear, and can showcase your fashion jewelry beautifully. I would find a place possible in my bedroom, away from the bathroom due to moisture, to line these clips up. Use a ruler to make sure your lines are straight while keeping in mind some of your pieces may need more room than others. Create your own designs to showcase your fashion jewelry.

Will keep all posted on new ideas and will show you some of my own creations when they are finished!

Stay Beautiful!

New jewelry Arrivals! Time to shine this summer!

The summer in Southern California is hot and full of fun! These pieces are new arrivals in our collection and are guaranteed to shine in the summer sun! Each piece is nickel and lead free. Everything you see is $5.00 plus t&s. Message us or comment with the piece you’d like and we will take it from there! Stay cool this summer and get ready to shine!