Facebook live tonight at 8pm PST! Join us for a chance to win free jewelry!

Tonight we will be hosting a Family Feud night, where we give away one free piece of jewelry to a lucky winner! Play with us and stay tuned to hear us announce the winner at the end of the show!

We are excited to see you there!

Facebook: GracesTChest

Stay beautiful friends!


Facebook live Paparazzi party at 9PM PST tonight! Free bling giveaway!

Join us for Family Feud edition tonight on Facebook live!

We are going live at 9Pm PST to do a Family Feud night!

We are reading questions from the game and whoever answers the correct answer first in the comments gets an entry into the drawing at the end of the live! Every 3 pieces of jewelry we will be asking a new question!

We are displaying 60 pieces from our collection and showing you each one in detail!

It is a ton of fun, make sure you join us for a chance to win a free piece of jewelry from the showing! Your choice!

Add us on Facebook and get ready for some fun!

GracesTChest  !!!