August birthday giveaway! Win a free piece of jewelry!

We are doing a birthday giveaway for August!

On Facebook you must post your August birthday, and those people are entered into a giveaway drawing to be drawn on Thursday the 30th!

Must be in the US, and have an August birthday!

Post it on our Facebook to be entered!

Good luck!



August has a gorgeous birthday flower!


I love the symbolism of this flower. The success driven, intellectual is described in this showcasing of this flower. Definitely love the idea that August babies are enthusiastic and have a charming nature.

So true!

This is birthday month for the owner of Graces Treasure Chest!

Lets all make her feel special with some birthday wishes!

Stay beautiful!

AUGUST WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!! – Catch some hot summer bling!

Big announcement!!!!!

For the month of August we will be giving away one free piece of jewelry WEEKLY!

We have big plans for the month of August!

For the first week we are going to be doing a Family Feud game, and the winner will get a free piece of jewelry shipped to them!

This is a way to say thank you to all of our followers and supporters!

Make sure you are our friend on Facebook that way you can enter into the weekly games!

We will be doing these during our Facebook live videos on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Stay tuned!

Give us some feedback on games you would like to see!

Take care, and stay beautiful!