Hello from a Sunday Evening!

Good Evening everyone!

Just wanted to say we have been very excited to talk about our Launch Party yesterday!

The party was a success, we had a great amount of support from our friends and followers!

We had sections for our $5 jewelry, Trend blends which are 5 pieces for $20, Starlet Shimmer pieces, and our 3 for $10 section with matching pieces of bracelets and necklaces and earrings.

We loved sharing our flower arrangements and Ocean paintings, we will be posting pictures throughout the week.



Thank you everyone for your support!

Stay amazing!

Hope everyone has a blessed night!


DIY Making jewelry boards

Part of being a Paparazzi jewelry consultant means being creative in how you display your jewelry. In preparation for an in-house launch party we are adding new boards for our jewelry collection! I decided to take pictures of the process so you could see how we did it! 

We started with plain cork board from home depot. We then took hot pink paint and painted those bad boys! These boards are usually used for tools so they are heavy duty. After letting them dry we began the process of gluing polka dot ribbon on the sides. As shown here:



We used some simple materials here:



Then the next process was gluing the top border which is a sparkly black ribbon. Adding a nice touch to the whole piece. This will be on rack, one on top and one on bottom.




These boards are huge, they took up the whole kitchen island!

If you have any questions on the actual process, feel free to ask. We are here to help. 🙂


I will post a follow up pic of the final displays, this makes for our third display, meaning we are growing ur inventory! Stay tuned!

Much love,

              Graces Treasure Chest


Mirror Flowers – Fresh Art

The focus of being positive and staying optimistic is important for me, and through the journey of it I found a symbolic and acceptable way to find positive in a situation.

So heres the story.

We received a jewelry stand, that spins that has mirrors on them. PERFECT for displaying the collection of earrings! So excited we opened the package to find one of the side mirrors had a tiny crack. My mistake for not taking a before picture, but nonetheless it looked like a stem for a flower. Since the shape was perfect for a flower…being the artist I am covered it with acrylic paint!

I took a negative crack in the mirror, from shipping issues, and turned it into a beautiful piece of art. It truly is the little things that matter. This gave me inspiration and brightened my day seeing my finished work.

Here it is! Hope the story behind it helps the positivity shine through your day.

Stay Beautiful!