Tonights Facebook live free jewelry giveaway!

Hey there!

Tonight at 9pmPST on our Facebook we will be going live for a Paparazzi jewelry party!

We are doing Family Feud edition and giving away one free piece of jewelry at the end of the live!

Contestants will answer questions throughout the live and the best answers get put into a hat to be drawn at the end!

The more answers the better chance you have at winning!

We only ship in the US, so must be in the US to play.

Good luck to everyone!

Find us on our Facebook at GracesTChest


The road to jewelry at home business – Being a consultant!


Being a consultant is rewarding and fun! It does not feel like work!

When making 45% commission it is really a good amount of commission with just a little work and effort to sell.

Joining the team is easy! Reach out to us if you are looking to get started!

Perfect for stay at home mom’s, extra income go-getters, and fun task oriented people!

In the 4 or 5 months of being a consultant, we have reached high volumes and are selling at a consistent rate! It can only go up from here! We would love to show you how and have you part of the team!

Being part of the team means always having us here to answer questions and motivate you through the process!

Become a consultant today! Earn extra cash as soon as you start advertising your $5.00 jewelry!



Inky – The blue Pacman ghost

A friend of mine gave me a cute little pencil topper the other day.



Some may already recognize him as the blue ghost from Pacman!

I was adored by this little pencil topper, so I decided to nerd out a bit and look up the name of this one.

He is Inky, the cyan blue ghost that follows Pacman.

I also learned some interesting things about him through my studies.

He is considered the goofy, fickle, and slow headed ghost.

He is the least predicable in his nature, and hard to know where he will be. He is usually away from Pacman until other ones follow him he coincides.

When in scatter mode you will find him in the lower right part of the maze.

I thought that was an interesting part of information for my day, I had to share it with you!

Who knows, maybe I will take some pictures with Inky along my travels!

Facebook giveaway drawing! Win a free piece of jewelry!

Hey there!

We are doing promotions in the month of August for all of our followers!

To be entered into our giveaway drawing you must

  1. Be our friend on facebook
  2. Share any jewelry related post
  3. AND tag 2 friends within that post!!


We are extending the date of our giveaway!

You can enter as many times as you’d like! Keep sharing and tagging on different pictures of our jewelry!!

The other promotions is every Thursday we are doing a Family Feud on our live videos, giving away a free piece of jewelry each night!

Good luck!

Comment here and let us know if you are entering and what you think of our giveaways!

Have a good night all!


Our launch party was a success!

Last weekend we had a launch party with our family and friends!

It was a definite success!

We had an amazing display of jewelry, flower arrangements, and ocean paintings!

We are so thankful for our amazing support group for coming to see it all!

If you are thinking of selling jewelry in this fashion let us know! We can help you get started! It is so worth it! It is an easy way to make money from home, and have fun at the same time! Selling jewelry is easy because it sells itself! Everyone has their own preference and taste! Definitely get ahold of us if you are interested in becoming a consultant!

Here are the pics from the party before it started!




We apologize if the pictures are a little dark, we will be posting more pics of our office space soon!


Stay tuned for Augusts game on Facebook! Free jewelry giveaway once a week!

We are excited to give out some free jewelry!

Follow us on Facebook for a chance to win! Must be in the US!

Stay beautiful!

Take care!

AUGUST WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!! – Catch some hot summer bling!

Big announcement!!!!!

For the month of August we will be giving away one free piece of jewelry WEEKLY!

We have big plans for the month of August!

For the first week we are going to be doing a Family Feud game, and the winner will get a free piece of jewelry shipped to them!

This is a way to say thank you to all of our followers and supporters!

Make sure you are our friend on Facebook that way you can enter into the weekly games!

We will be doing these during our Facebook live videos on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays! Stay tuned!

Give us some feedback on games you would like to see!

Take care, and stay beautiful!