You are amazing! Never forget your worth


Always remember how amazing you are!

Always give yourself credit for even getting out of bed each morning! Every positive thing you do for yourself and your life equals your amazingness. You are amazing in so many ways, you have so many talents that may not be showcased and you must tell yourself how much you love yourself.

You must love yourself before you can love anyone else. You are your biggest fan or your worst enemy, you decide.

Give yourself a moment right now, and tell yourself three solid reasons of why you are amazing! I will start for us!

  1. I am motivated and never ready to give up when the going gets tough
  2. I am beautiful inside and out
  3. I got up earlier then yesterday with a smile on my face

Its all about the baby steps!

Turn your day around with positive thinking and encouragement from the voice within.

Take care all, and stay beautiful!


Featured items of the day! Silver beauties to shine up your day!

Good morning!

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Love Yourself

One of the best things we can do is to Love ourselves.  Happiness comes to those that can

look at themselves with an honest eye and still except and appreciate who they are.

All that we have been through has helped to shape who we are today!

We continue to be shaped right up to the day we die.

Learning to love one self allows us to love another openly and deeply. With this ability

comes true happiness.


Stay Beautiful

Last days of summer – Goodbye summer, hello fall!

In our final thought on the summer we will miss the sunny days and breezy beaches. The fall is coming in with its readiness and we are working on the transition! The modt beautiful part of nature is its adherence to transition and pose. In a loving place here at graces treasure chest we are saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall!