Great minds think alike

Here in this life, we are driven by a brain in a body. The idea of being great mind is a superior feeling, it is encased in honor and smarts.

This quote hits hard.

When in different friend groups you hear the conversations, and you can take a lot of wisdom from what this says.

Great minds discuss IDEAS!

Average minds discuss EVENTS!

Small minds discuss PEOPLE!


When creating ideas with people, they have been intelligent, in an average conversation I find us talking about events, and in the worst company, I see people talking about other people.

When you find great minds, you think alike.

We all have the capability to be great!

Remember when speaking with people, to be great and not talk about other people. There is no positive that comes from talking to other people about people. If it isn’t your life, talk about yourself and your ideas instead.

On our endless journey to be the best we can be, this is great wisdom to follow.