Featured items of the day! Beautiful & elegant!

These pieces are lanyards, which are perfect for the office life! They are dazzling, and beautiful!

Each piece is $5.00 plus t&s, comment for info!


Featured item of the day!

Here is the featured item of the day!

This piece is from the Zi Collection, and it is a dazzling piece!

It is high quality silver and stones to make a gorgeous piece fit for any occasion!

It is $25.00 plus t&s. One is available.

If you are interested please comment below and we will reach out to you.

Thank you, Stay beautiful!

Its Monday again, isn’t it?

I love this picture. Made me smile on my not so easy Monday morning. Slept past my alarm, kind of thinking it was my phones fault. The reason for that is the nice amount of sleep I got after a nice hike yesterday and game night!

All in all, I hope each and everyone of you enjoy your day.

Stay beautiful, and try not to get a case of the Mondays. 😉


More motivation for your Friday!


So important! Remember why you started your journey, your blog, your business, your idea. This is essential to staying focused on why you even began, and how to keep going and what you faced in the beginning. It is likely your journey is farther along and not as delicate as the beginning, so that is a reason to rejoice! Reach for the stars and keep moving towards those goals and dreams!


Then we arrive here, where when its finished you look back and wonder how did i do that!?

It always seems impossible until its done. So go do it! Get that goal you’ve been chasing, at least takes the baby steps! You got this!

Stay beautiful!

Motivation for your Friday & the weekend


May your cup runneth over with blessings today! Hello to the weekend everyone right?! We all look forward to the weekend, unless we work weekends…which I just started recently! But all in all I still love the weekend and the blessings it provides. Like work is busier and goes faster for one! haha. In reality, you have to love the life you live to be part of the good times and appreciate each moment as if it is your last. You could be standing in line at the store, and still be thinking of your blessings and the things that make you happy right at that moment. Even in the darkest hour there is something to be thankful for.

Appreciate your blessings and learn your lessons, and you will soar high in this so called life.

Stay beautiful!

Empower the women around you!

Tell that women you see in the store you like her dress, smile at a women who is looking down on herself! Empower the women around you to believe in themselves and to work hard for what they have and you will see the strength it gives!

Empower women and make them confident in their own skin. Society is forcing an image on young women, and it adds up to doubts, hate for oneself, and low self esteem.

Lets work on building up our women in our lives!

Stay beautiful!