Our best summer blends and trends! Live on Facebook – 6/26/18 – Check it out!

This is the live video for Tuesday June 26th, 2018. All pieces showcased are nickel and lead free, and are $5.00 plus t&s. Stay tuned for hot summer jewelry at melting prices!

Stay Beautiful!


Beautiful hike to a waterfall – Hidden Gem

I am excited to share a picture with you of a gorgeous waterfall in Southern California! It is rare to see such a beauty in the area, and is definitely a hidden gem in the desert. People hike for a a couple miles to see this 70ft waterfall, and to admire it’s beauty. I have been lucky enough to know this trail for about 7 years, and each time I go it is just as amazing as the first time. Motivation comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. The motivation I received to keep working out and motivating myself to be healthy and live to the fullest, also helps me appreciate nature. Everything around me that day was simple and beautiful, and that is the best kind of motivation for me personally. Met a girl who was picking up trash along the trail with gloves on, she inspired me to pick up some of the trash people had left themselves. It was a good day, with awesome adventures. Looking forward to the next adventure. 🙂

Stay Beautiful!


Fashion Jewelry 101

Fine jewelry can be worn 24/7 without any concern to damaging your piece. Fashion jewelry needs to be handled a little differently. Follow these basic rules and your fashion jewelry should remain beautiful and last for a long time.

  1. Take off all jewelry before bed and store properly.
  2. Do not get jewelry wet, dry immediately if happens to get wet.
  3. Take off to get in the pool/shower/do dishes, etc.
  4. Gently clean weekly.


These tips will help you keep your fashion jewelry as long as possible, and to be able to see it shine everywhere you go!

Stay Beautiful!


Get back up and try again – Motivation

Life is full of ups and downs, and full of triumphs and trials. When you fall down, you must get back up again. You cannot let a failure cause you to think the game is over, you simply just struck out that round. Get back on the horse and ride into the sunset like the beautiful thing you are!

Stay Beautiful! And furthermore, Stay Motivated!


Green with Envy for these stunning pieces!

All pieces you see are $5.00 plus t&s and are lead and nickel free. They are one of a kind fashion jewelry pieces, and the ones today you see are all green and ready to shine! Message us or comment below and type sold and which one you like and we will do the rest! Happy Shopping!

Stay Beautiful!


A quote for the day – Striving for peace

In today’s society we are all trying to not offend people of all types. We can say one wrong thing and become an enemy for a whole group of people. We must keep these insensitive comments to ourselves, no one wants to feel bad about themselves. God wants us to love all people, no matter their flaws in our eyes. Continue to strive for peace in world filled with such hate. Make yourself happy, and the rest will follow.

Happy Monday & Stay Beautiful.

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